Friday, 15 February 2013

So as my earlier post stated we as a gaming group have begun to try other games other than just GW. This has lead me to collect the troll bloods from Privateers Hordes range. I have had these figures for awhile and this week started to paint them. I plan on having a 35pt (standard game size I believe) force ready for next weekend club day. In hordes you need one warcaster to lead your force they then control your beast large or small and the force can be backed up by units or loos (hero level characters) the choice as ever is yours. Not to give anything away but here's what I will be using

Warcaster - your have to wait and see
Earth born troll (heavy) - not painted
Axer (light) - painted see below
Bouncer (light) - painted see below
Impaler (light)- painted see below
Scouts 6 painted see below I love this unit is so full of character

All this comes in at 34 point I believe and that leaves me a few points extra that I am not sure what to take. Have a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think. Sorry for the quality but as I am away I don't have my equipment.