Sunday, 11 August 2013

A little side project.

Good afternoon all,

I embarked on a little project today to highlight how quick it is to paint vehicles for a friend of mine.  The figures used where from the Bolt action range (German) and painted in the DAK colour scheme.  I know I have USMC all painted and they have a plastic box set coming out soon - but I just cant wait until they are ready to buy and paint.

I started the project at 1030 this morning after base coating them Chaos Black I sprayed them with the following colours from the Vallejo range.

I apologies in advance about the picture quality but they where done as a running commentry for my mate.

Step one (German Grey (995)).  This was sprayed all over less the tracks, these remained black.  The models where then sprayed with hairspray.

Step two (Middlestone (882).  This was sprayed lightly, with the previous colour showing.

Step 3 (German Cam Orange Orche (824)).  Same process as step 2.

Step 4 (Flat Earth (983)).  This was painted in a thin random line over all the models to create a camo effet.

The final process was to apply the transfer from Warlord Games, washes, weathering powers and finally the hairspray technic.  Below is the tank finished the whole process was done in 4 hours from start to finish.  Thoughts and comments welcome.

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