Sunday, 11 August 2013

A little side project.

Good afternoon all,

I embarked on a little project today to highlight how quick it is to paint vehicles for a friend of mine.  The figures used where from the Bolt action range (German) and painted in the DAK colour scheme.  I know I have USMC all painted and they have a plastic box set coming out soon - but I just cant wait until they are ready to buy and paint.

I started the project at 1030 this morning after base coating them Chaos Black I sprayed them with the following colours from the Vallejo range.

I apologies in advance about the picture quality but they where done as a running commentry for my mate.

Step one (German Grey (995)).  This was sprayed all over less the tracks, these remained black.  The models where then sprayed with hairspray.

Step two (Middlestone (882).  This was sprayed lightly, with the previous colour showing.

Step 3 (German Cam Orange Orche (824)).  Same process as step 2.

Step 4 (Flat Earth (983)).  This was painted in a thin random line over all the models to create a camo effet.

The final process was to apply the transfer from Warlord Games, washes, weathering powers and finally the hairspray technic.  Below is the tank finished the whole process was done in 4 hours from start to finish.  Thoughts and comments welcome.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

USMC MMG Teams finished

Well it took longer than expected to finish off these pesky MMG teams and new Lt model but without further adue I give you the finished piece to my USMC army (well until the new models come out).

These aren't my best work todate, I just wanted them finished to start a new project. I may one day go back a bring them up to scratch but at present.  I cant see myself using the MMG's in competitive games as they are limited, in my opinion and you can get alot of stuff for 150points (reg) or 195points (vets).  We will just have to wait and see.

Oh I almost forgot to mention.  Myself and several others went to the Warlord open day yesterday on the 27th July.  It was really good of them to open the doors and invite the public in, for the sum of £8.00 (or less I can't remember) with a free limited addition gladiator in the mix as well thank you.  We spent most of the day talking to the model maker, painters, Alessio, Paul Sawyer, the production team to name a few.  It was really insightful and I would recommend that if you have a chance to go then go.  The highlight for me was to sit in a few seminars and find out all the information of the up coming releases.  When I found out back in April at Salute they where releasing new USMC models I was very excited and when I saw the 3 up designs yesterday, well I will let the pictures do the talking.

Well that's it for now.  All that's left for me to do is work out what army to paint and finish next, hmmmmm.

Bye for now.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Bolt Action - USMC up date

So its taken a little longer than expected to get my USMC figures painted and at present I only have 4 more to paint and that's it completed.  Well until they bring out some more figure as you can never have enough infantry.

But I wont make you wait any longer below is the army at present (less the .30 cal miniatures at present all have the new loader to paint, the wildcat (airplane is painted just need to do the base)  Once I have these painted I will upload them and let you know.

The Motor Pool

M10 Tank Destroyer

 LVT 4



M5/M5A1 Stuart

Willys Jeep


 Converted (US Airbourne M1A1)

Sniper team and Bazooka Team
2nd Lt Too Tall

I am really pleased with how the models have come out, sorry for not having a better camera to show them off.  I hope you like the pictures, happy gaming until next weeks post.

Monday, 20 May 2013

USMC (Bolt action) update

Sorry all for my lapse in posting on the blog recently work has been crazy, but I have managed to get alot of USMC from the Bolt Action range painted.  I will be posting up next week picture of them and a few battle reports as I will be gaming all weekend :).

See you soon.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bolt Action - Africa Corps

So I have been busy today experimenting with the WWII realistic camo for my Africa Corps that I decided to start.  Now I know I said I was only going to use USMC but the other week Warlord games done an offer that was to good to refuse and that was a 1000pt force for £60.00.  The army I went for can be found here  It is still availbable for sale but is the normal price of £75.00 which I think is a steal when you compare it to other game systems that I do and are out there.  There is also a suprise that you actually ger 50 models and not the 40 listed (not including HQ), this isn't a one of either as a friend also brought the British army deal and got 50 troops as well.

So with the models arriving I decided to do the Africa Corps paint scheme as I really like the scheme and the idea of tank battles in the desert (thanks to Alessio's armoured platoon this is now possible).  I also wanted to try a few new tricks and here they are:

Firstly I sprayed the vechicles Chaos Black and painted the masking fluid onto the tracks, weapons and tyres that I wanted to keep black for later on, see above picture.

Next I primed the vechicles with German uniform grey (from Warlord).  With the paint dry I then applied Hairspray, why your see later.

I then sprayed on the next colour middlestone (warlord 882).  This was done lightly so the base colour could be seen through to represent a quick spray job to get the vehicles into the field see below.

The next paint to go on was German camo orange (warlord 823) This like the last paint was applied lightly and the previous two colours could show through on places.

Finally a light brown was applied to break up the pattern as you can see they have a factory fresh look that just wont do so it was time to make them look worn.

Prevously I would of at this stage applied the dry brush to get a worn look but I wanted to try the hairspray technique (if you remember the hair spray was applied with the german uniform grey after the Chaos black).  This is where the magic happens.  There are loads of articles explaining how to do it but to sum up this is what I did next:

a.  Applied a brush lightly over the part you wish to distress with warm water this will help loosen the paint.
b.  Do the above all over the model.
c.  Once your happy you can spray a matt varnish over the model to lock the paint down to stop any more paint coming off.
d.  Continue painting the model until finished.

Before I applied the varnish I pulled off the masking fluid to reveal the tyres, weapons and tracks on the hanomag's.  I also applied MIG Sub Sahara wet mud look to the tracks.

So thats it just a few little finishing touches to do I just thought I would share this with you.  I really enjoyed doing the above and cant wait to try out these techniques again.  Once these are done I best get back to my vampires

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Skeletons Rising

So after a great time away in sunny Brighton for the club day where my friend Gaz has written all about it in his blog

I got the bug as always to get the paints out and start painting after using Trollbloods in Hordes all weekend and playing Bolt Action using my USMC, I felt that my GW models needed a bit of loving so I have promised myself to paint a 1000pts Vampire counts army before I go back to work in April, is that realistic I think so, as long as I don't get distracted by other toys (I am looking at you Bolt Action new army of over 1000pts brand new for less than £75.00!!!!!!).

So with just over a week gone I have made a good start and here's the proof:

20 Skeletons done just need to do the shields and banner design for the army when I settle on one.

All movement trays and bases where purchased from (ghostly graveyard range).  They are good no prep work was needed before I painted them and the quality is good, if you want some scenic bases take a look.

10 Ghouls

Sorry for the bad pictures but as I have said before my equipment is back at work and this is the best I can do at the moment.  Comments are always welcome, what do you think?  All I have to do now is paint the Black Knights, Terrorgiest, Corpse cart and characters and I will be there ready for a gaming weekend on the 15th with the lads that I went to school with.  I believe they will be using Ogres, Warriors of Chaos and Wood Elves.  Hopefully I will remember to take my camera and take photos of the weekend.

Until next time Keep it real and see you at a gaming table soon.

Friday, 15 February 2013

So as my earlier post stated we as a gaming group have begun to try other games other than just GW. This has lead me to collect the troll bloods from Privateers Hordes range. I have had these figures for awhile and this week started to paint them. I plan on having a 35pt (standard game size I believe) force ready for next weekend club day. In hordes you need one warcaster to lead your force they then control your beast large or small and the force can be backed up by units or loos (hero level characters) the choice as ever is yours. Not to give anything away but here's what I will be using

Warcaster - your have to wait and see
Earth born troll (heavy) - not painted
Axer (light) - painted see below
Bouncer (light) - painted see below
Impaler (light)- painted see below
Scouts 6 painted see below I love this unit is so full of character

All this comes in at 34 point I believe and that leaves me a few points extra that I am not sure what to take. Have a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think. Sorry for the quality but as I am away I don't have my equipment.