Monday, 1 July 2013

Bolt Action - USMC up date

So its taken a little longer than expected to get my USMC figures painted and at present I only have 4 more to paint and that's it completed.  Well until they bring out some more figure as you can never have enough infantry.

But I wont make you wait any longer below is the army at present (less the .30 cal miniatures at present all have the new loader to paint, the wildcat (airplane is painted just need to do the base)  Once I have these painted I will upload them and let you know.

The Motor Pool

M10 Tank Destroyer

 LVT 4



M5/M5A1 Stuart

Willys Jeep


 Converted (US Airbourne M1A1)

Sniper team and Bazooka Team
2nd Lt Too Tall

I am really pleased with how the models have come out, sorry for not having a better camera to show them off.  I hope you like the pictures, happy gaming until next weeks post.


  1. A great looking force, i really like the weathering you have done on the vehicles.


    1. yorkie

      Thanks for the comment, sorry its taken so long to get back to you I have been away. I agree the weathering looks good (not bad for the first attempt of the hair spray technique).