Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What's on the painting table

Well its been a busy week no painting until today and no gaming either due to an over indulgence on my part last weekend.  Hopefully will be able to finish the terms by next weekend then it will be onto the GH that are currently on the assembly line getting made up then I will get started on those Thunderwolf cav models that GW are releasing this weekend.  I can't wait to get started on them.  Here's what I am currently working on.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wolf Guard in TDA

Well here is the Wolf Guard in TDA for all of you to see.

Now I know I said I was going to play with my Space Wolves last week and post up how they performed but alas we only played Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  It was a really great weekend and good to see the lads from school again.  We managed to play 6 games all 2000pts I was first up on Friday to Chaos Warriors and lost due to the fact that he pulled a blinder and had 2 hell cannons.  We where playing the fortitude game and in his turn 1 hell cannon hits generals unit with BSB in then run off the board as they never rallied in turn 2.  I lose but played on anyway and was a good game.  Next Chaos warrior played Ogres this time only 1 hell cannon but it hit a horde of Ogres with BSB in and they ran Chaos win two games back to back.  I then played Ogres and won due to the amount of units I had and I must admit got lucky with my Doom wheel as it done over 750 points worth of damage to the Ogres (I now love doom wheels even more).  I then played Chaos warrior in battle for the pass and ran a monster Skaven list and won although in turn two and 3 the game just kept swing and could of gone anyway.  Chaos then played Ogres and got smashed of the table with Ogres taking their revenge.  The last game saw me play Ogres again and my plague censer bearers, Doomwheel and doom flayer charged a unit of mournfang on turn 1 and killed them the game was really good but as my mate said its going to be hard for ogres to beat Skaven in an even match up.

This weekend though I will be attending the monthly Gambit Games club day in Brighton and will be using my Space wolves and I will post up a report of the weekend and game(s) for you.  until then have a good weekend and happy gaming.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thunderwolf cav are finally here

Well imagine my surprise when I logged onto Bell of Lost Souls tonight and seen the upcoming GW thunderwolf cav.  When can I buy them and how many shall I get?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

First Grey Hunter pack done and dusted

Well as promised here's the Grey Hunter pack all painted and ready to go (less the transfers).  I am really happy with how they turned out and how quickly I was able to do them.  What do you think?

They will be having there first outing this weekend I will let you know how they perform and the rest of the army, which I will have to use stand ins :(.  Have a good weekend all and happy gaming.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First Wolf Guard under way

Works manic at the moment and I have only just started on the last 2 Grey hunters.  Whilst doing the armour I done to much mix and had loads left rather than let it go to waste I grabbed a Wolf guard in Terminator armour and have been painting the armour at the same time as the Grey Hunters so they are taking longer than expected.  I will have them done for the weekend and hopefully published on here.

But without keeping you longer than you need here's the start of my Wolf Guard as ever your comments are welcome:

Monday, 13 February 2012

More Grey hunters for the war

Well it was a fairly quiet weekend painting wise but finally managed to finish 3 more Grey hunters tonight.

The reason why its been so quiet, was I got side tracked and have already broken my rule of not buying more models than I am painting at a time.  But I promise I will buy no more until they are painted.  Why did I break, well.............I brought a Contemptor dreadnought whilst I was up in Warhammer World (be rude not to, I thought) and I have also brought 1 SW Terminator box set (already assembled and sprayed black), 1 SW Grey hunter box (still sealed I may add), 1 Razorback, 1 WG battle leader and 1 SW Rune Priest.  I am looking at using them this coming weekend when I meet up and have a gaming weekend with my mates from school.  I will let you know how thats goes we will probably be playing WH40K and fantasy (i use skaven and wood elves but that's another story or blog???).

Here's the contemptor I will include a painted banner when I have the model fully painted I really like the imagery of the Titans show battle honours kill markings on there weapons so I wanted to replica this on my contemptor.  The contemptor will be painted next as a little treat on a job well on on  first  unit of 10 grey hunters (2 more to do before the weekend fingers crossed).

Until the next update.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Imperial Armour 11

No painting recently I have to say pretty disappointed to be fair.  But I do have a good reason, honest.  That reason is research - I brought the Imperial Armour (IA) book and it arrived yesterday (Thursday) along with my Forge World Space Wolf transfers and since then I have busy reading the book that is great although I would only recommend it to people with Eldar armies.  The other armies guard including drop troops, SW are all a side note in the book.  Don't get me wrong Guard and Marines have had more than enough cool stuff published in the IA books and its really good to see some xenos armies getting some love, more please.

As I have come to expect from the IA the picture and quality of the book are second to none and the pictures for Bran's company have given me several great ideas and I can wait to pick up my paint brush again.

I have also come up with a few good ideas for some wulfen as Bran's Company is known to have there fair share of them.  This time fluff wins over competitive with the wulfen winning the debate over power weapons for me. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

First 5 done

Well progress has been good today, loving the time off work.

Here's the first 5 Grey hunters done will hopefully manage to finish the others this week fingers crossed.  Apologies for the bad lighting on the camera work I will sort this out for future pictures any suggestion on what you use to take pictures.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Second test Grey Hunter

Here's my second test model done.

Now no need to worry I am not a super quick painter I am currently on holiday and chilling out so I am looking to get as many of the 10 Grey Hunters done this week as possible.  After next week its back to work and I envisage doing 2/4 Models a inbetween work and play.  Again any comments welcome.

First test Grey Hunter

Well I have managed to do 2 test minatures today and here's the first one.  All that I have to do is add the transfers (which I have ordered from Forge World today) and then paint them.

I hope you like how they have turned out I really like them to be honest.  Here's the first one for you.

All comments are welcome so fire away.

First up

Right the first purchase has been made and its 1 box of grey hunters.  These will be used to establish the colour scheme for the armour that I am going to use.  I will post up later some pictures

Where to Start

Well the time has come for me to do a Space Marine army.  I have been gaming for to many years and have never yet done a Space Marine army over 750 points.  So where do I start and what Chapter to do?

Well after much debating on weather to do Ravenguard, Raptors or Space Wolves I finally decided to Space Wolves, but in Bran Redmaw's Company.  The reason being I always do things in my own way and never wanted to do the tradition yellow although it is one of the most striking colour schemes.  On reading the background I felt more drawn to Bran's Company than any other.  And once I saw the Imperial Armour 11 book come out I was sold, so here we go.

The aim is to do an army of between 1500pts and 2000pts and to use at local and national (maybe international) tournments.  This blog will show you the army growing (and being painted) as well as so gaming reports.  Now we all know everyone gets new toy symptoms and buy everything in sight and then generally alot of us have loads of unpainted models hanging around for to long, I am one of these.  So what I plan to do is paint a unit completely then move onto the next - fingers crossed I can do this and give you regular updates.  So sit back and enjoy the ride and hopefully you will like what you see.