Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wolf Guard in TDA

Well here is the Wolf Guard in TDA for all of you to see.

Now I know I said I was going to play with my Space Wolves last week and post up how they performed but alas we only played Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  It was a really great weekend and good to see the lads from school again.  We managed to play 6 games all 2000pts I was first up on Friday to Chaos Warriors and lost due to the fact that he pulled a blinder and had 2 hell cannons.  We where playing the fortitude game and in his turn 1 hell cannon hits generals unit with BSB in then run off the board as they never rallied in turn 2.  I lose but played on anyway and was a good game.  Next Chaos warrior played Ogres this time only 1 hell cannon but it hit a horde of Ogres with BSB in and they ran Chaos win two games back to back.  I then played Ogres and won due to the amount of units I had and I must admit got lucky with my Doom wheel as it done over 750 points worth of damage to the Ogres (I now love doom wheels even more).  I then played Chaos warrior in battle for the pass and ran a monster Skaven list and won although in turn two and 3 the game just kept swing and could of gone anyway.  Chaos then played Ogres and got smashed of the table with Ogres taking their revenge.  The last game saw me play Ogres again and my plague censer bearers, Doomwheel and doom flayer charged a unit of mournfang on turn 1 and killed them the game was really good but as my mate said its going to be hard for ogres to beat Skaven in an even match up.

This weekend though I will be attending the monthly Gambit Games club day in Brighton and will be using my Space wolves and I will post up a report of the weekend and game(s) for you.  until then have a good weekend and happy gaming.

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