Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Where to Start

Well the time has come for me to do a Space Marine army.  I have been gaming for to many years and have never yet done a Space Marine army over 750 points.  So where do I start and what Chapter to do?

Well after much debating on weather to do Ravenguard, Raptors or Space Wolves I finally decided to Space Wolves, but in Bran Redmaw's Company.  The reason being I always do things in my own way and never wanted to do the tradition yellow although it is one of the most striking colour schemes.  On reading the background I felt more drawn to Bran's Company than any other.  And once I saw the Imperial Armour 11 book come out I was sold, so here we go.

The aim is to do an army of between 1500pts and 2000pts and to use at local and national (maybe international) tournments.  This blog will show you the army growing (and being painted) as well as so gaming reports.  Now we all know everyone gets new toy symptoms and buy everything in sight and then generally alot of us have loads of unpainted models hanging around for to long, I am one of these.  So what I plan to do is paint a unit completely then move onto the next - fingers crossed I can do this and give you regular updates.  So sit back and enjoy the ride and hopefully you will like what you see.


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