Monday, 13 February 2012

More Grey hunters for the war

Well it was a fairly quiet weekend painting wise but finally managed to finish 3 more Grey hunters tonight.

The reason why its been so quiet, was I got side tracked and have already broken my rule of not buying more models than I am painting at a time.  But I promise I will buy no more until they are painted.  Why did I break, well.............I brought a Contemptor dreadnought whilst I was up in Warhammer World (be rude not to, I thought) and I have also brought 1 SW Terminator box set (already assembled and sprayed black), 1 SW Grey hunter box (still sealed I may add), 1 Razorback, 1 WG battle leader and 1 SW Rune Priest.  I am looking at using them this coming weekend when I meet up and have a gaming weekend with my mates from school.  I will let you know how thats goes we will probably be playing WH40K and fantasy (i use skaven and wood elves but that's another story or blog???).

Here's the contemptor I will include a painted banner when I have the model fully painted I really like the imagery of the Titans show battle honours kill markings on there weapons so I wanted to replica this on my contemptor.  The contemptor will be painted next as a little treat on a job well on on  first  unit of 10 grey hunters (2 more to do before the weekend fingers crossed).

Until the next update.

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