Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New for 2013

So on my return I have decided to widen the blog to incorparate all my painting projects and game systems I play.  Not only will continue to paint my Space Wolves I will also be painting and playing:

WH 40K - Space Wolves.

WFB - TBC.  I have narrowed the list to 2 contenders after selling my Skaven.  Currently I have a fully painted 2000+ point Wood Elf army which I may put up on here if anyone is interested.

Warmachine - Cygnar.

Hordes - Trollbloods.

Bolt Action - USMC.

Wyrd Minatures - Guild (Lady Justice).

I hope you will come along for the ride see you at a gaming table soon.

To kick it off here a picture of my Malifaux gang fully painted since I have been back.


  1. Cool, I really want to paint a Malifaux gang and start playing. Have read the rules but they seem complicated. I think its one of those games that someone needs to show me how to play.

  2. Well mate the next time I am down in Feb lets make sure we get a game in, I am sure Baz would be up for it also - I think he has even had a few games already?