Monday, 5 March 2012

Update and some WiP pictures.

Well believe it or not I still haven't had a game with my Space Wolves - I had a bit to much to drink on the night before the gaming Sunday and well I paid the price for it on Sunday and only managed to play one game of Warmachine/Hordes - very hung over and probably still drunk but I still managed a win before using trollbloods vs Khador then I went to sleep on the stage and having some of the lads take pictures and post them up on  Facebook, thanks.

So a week has past since then and well I broke my promise and brought two new units before finishing what I have.  But I just couldn't resist those thunder wolves and fenris wolves they looked so good I just had to buy a box of them each (I did limit myself to 1 box each that's rather good I think?).  As a result I have fallen behind on my self imposed painting schedule and assembled the Thunder Wolves and fenris wolves ready to be undercoated on the weekend when I am back home.

Until then though I will leave you with these pictures of the new GW Thunder Wolves and some work in progress mark of the wulfen conversation I am doing.

Why am I doing these conversion?  Well in the background of Bran's Company, the company have more wulfen than any other so I plan on doing a wulfen for each squad and can use them in games when I like so a 10 man GH squad will be 11 so I can swap between a normal and wulfen when needed.  I wanted to do a really feral looking model for this but also easy to do so I can do lots in different poses.  So after looking at some ranges I decided to mix the GW beastmen gor arm's weapon's and shield  with the Space wolf kit.  The wulfen WiP are with the Thunder Wolves so let me know what you think I would be interested to hear what you have to say and hear what you have done for any wulfen conversion.

Also I have started on my Wolf Guard in TDA with and Heavy weapons.  These are just the base colours less the crux which is almost done.  Hopefully these will all be done by the weekend and who knows I may get a game in soon.

Happy gaming until the next time, enjoy.

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