Thursday, 3 May 2012

Back for a short time

So I am back at home for a week before heading back out again so I decided to get the paints out and paint Arjac Rockfist, the anvil of Fenris.  I brought this model as 1. A treat for finishing the Terminators and 2. To make the unit usable in a 5 man format as I have 2 heavy weapons included in the squad.

Now the model itself is filled with great detail and I can see why for that reason GW brought out finecast.  However I have had to go back to the store where I brought it and get 2 new arms as the hammer arm had several large bubble holes in key places destroying the detail and the shield arm hand had the same problem as well as the shield it's self having wholes in it to.  The store changed it not a problem but out of the 5 it had on display only 1 or 2 of these where ok.  Surely this can't be good for a buisness.  I have brought 3 fincast models now and only one of these have had no issues.  Luckily I can do basic green stuff so same bubbles errors I can fix but then I think why should I when have paid £15 - £18 for a model.

Still enough of my moaning I am sure GW will sort it out sooner of later.  With out further waiting here is my WiP Arjac.  The picture was taken using my iPhone so apologies in advance.

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